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Our Services From Raw Water Pipelines To Treatment Facilities

Pipelines & Culverts

At MH Civil Constructors, Inc., we provide water transmission and distribution pipelines to all municipalities. Our wastewater systems include the construction of collection pipelines and force mains. The storm water system assures the conveyance of rainfall from the roads or lakes to their final destination.

MH Civil Construtors Inc

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

We provide effective construction solutions for the building of water and wastewater treatment systems. We have experience in various treatment processes including surface water treatment, facultative treatment and rehabilitation of existing systems.

At MH Civil Constructors, Inc., our goal is to clean water so that it can be given back to the environment.

MH Civil Construtors Inc

Pump Stations

We have built new facility construction, as well as renovated and reconstructed pump stations, lift stations, discharging systems, and high service booster stations.

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